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    Fine Payments

    Pay Violation Tickets, Notices of Conviction and Time to Pay Notices online.

    Fine Payments

    Pay Violation Tickets, Notices of Conviction and Time to Pay Notices online.

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    • Enter the ticket number without hyphens or spaces. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your fine payment to be processed.

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    Notice of Offence to Registered Owner

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    Partial payments cannot be made online.

    To make an online fine payment you must have the ticket number. Make sure that the number you enter is the exact same as on your ticket or letter from Fine Enforcement.

    If you pay the amount in the voluntary payment option box on your Violation Ticket before the appearance date, you do not have to attend court. However, if you do not pay the full amount and you take no other action on your Violation Ticket then:

    • For an Offence Notice (white or yellow ticket) issued for most traffic offences, you may be convicted in absence and required to pay a late charge.
    • For a Summons (pink or white ticket) issued for most non-motor vehicle related offences a warrant may be issued for your arrest.


    Overdue fines for traffic tickets, including any late charges, must be paid in full before you can renew your vehicle registration or receive other motor vehicle registry services. If you wish to obtain motor vehicle registry services the same day you pay the fine online, you must provide the Registry Agent with your payment receipt.

    Overdue fines for non-motor vehicle related tickets must be paid in full before a warrant will be removed. Keep your receipt with you as proof of payment for at least 72 hours in case a law enforcement official executes a warrant. If someone is taken into custody as a result of a warrant on an unpaid ticket, please call the centre where they are being held once an online payment has been made. The centre will confirm payment before releasing the person from custody.


    The following may be paid on this site:

    • Violations Tickets
      • Offence Notices which are yellow or white
      • Summons which are pink or white
    • Notices of Conviction
    • Time to Pay Notices

    The following cannot be paid on this site:

    • Fines for federal offences
    • Restitution orders
    • Other court orders where monies are directed to be paid to a victim
    • Municipal tickets (also called tags)

    For orders that cannot be paid on this site, please follow the payment instructions on the order, ticket or tag.

    The full amount owing of your outstanding ticket, including any late fees, will automatically appear as the unit price for your product. 

    FOIP Information

    Personal Information provided is collected in accordance with Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act) for the purpose of providing products and services you choose to purchase. Should you require further information about collection, use and disclosure of personal information, please contact MyAlberta eServices at or 1-844-643-2788.


    If an error message states that your ticket cannot be found, then your ticket may be:

    • Too new (issued less than 90 days ago) and there may have been a delay entering it into the system.
    • Too old (issued more than 2 years ago) and no longer payable online. 


    If you have a new ticket you can try to pay it online again at a later date. To pay a new ticket right away, take it to a registry office or courthouse and pay it there. You can also mail the ticket with your payment to the address listed on the ticket. 

    Old tickets may be paid at a courthouse. You can also mail the ticket with your payment to the address listed on the ticket or letter from Fines Enforcement.

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