Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will I be able to use MyAlberta eServices for other services provided by the Government of Alberta?

    Only the products and services displayed on MyAlberta eServices are currently available online. The Government of Alberta is working towards providing more services via MyAlberta eServices in future.

  • Do I have to use MyAlberta eServices?

    No. All services continue to be provided through their traditional methods (over the counter or by mail).

  • Do I have to accept the Terms of Use?

    Yes. The Terms of Use must be accepted every time you pay via MyAlberta eServices. If you pay via another website, you will have to comply with that website's Terms of Use.


  • How can I pay online for a product or service?

    You can pay with Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express card or Interac Online. Credit card and Visa Debit payments are processed through TD Merchant Services, Interac Online payments require access to online banking through your bank and credit union.

    All payments are in Canadian Currency.

  • How do I pay with Interac Online?

    You can use Interac Online to pay directly from your bank account if you: 

    1. have an account at a participating financial institution (for a list, see Interac Online) and 
    2. are registered to access online banking. 

    If you are not registered for online banking, your financial institution may give you the option to register for web banking right away.

  • How can I find my purchase history?

    If you purchased products or services after signing in with your MyAlberta Digital ID or MyAlberta Digital ID for Business, you can review your recent orders by signing in to MyAlberta eServices. Your name or business is shown on the top right hand side of the page (next to the "Contact Us" button). Select your name or business, and then select "Account Dashboard" to go to the "My Account" page where you can select "My Orders" to see your order history.

    If you made a purchases as a Guest, a purchase confirmation emails was sent to your email address.

  • How will transactions appear on my credit card statement?

    The transaction name displayed on your card or bank statement will be MyAlberta eServices.

  • How do I know that my payment went through? How do I get my receipt?

    You will receive an email confirmation with a list of ordered products/services, an order number and the payment date.  This email is your receipt for the transaction.

  • I received an error message while trying to make a card payment. What should I do?

    There is an error in the Card Holder's Name, Card Number or the Card Security Code (CVV number on the back of the card or CID number on the front of the card). If you are still having an issue after entering the correct card information, please try another card or contact your card provider.

  • Why is there a registry agent service charge added to online registry services ?

    We are working collaboratively with registry agents to bring more services online and create a better, more convenient experience for Albertans.

    Albertans have been asking for more options in service delivery - such as online services.

    The launch of the online birth registry and online birth certificate ordering, online vehicle registration renewal and online motorcycle registration renewal is part of a long-term strategy to bring more registry services online, and registry agents are collaborating with us on that strategy.

  • Why is the registry agent charge as much as the birth certificate order?

    The online birth certificate ordering system reflects similar fees and service charges to what Albertans would pay if they ordered a birth certificate in person from a registry agent. 

Digital Downloads

  • What is a digital download on MyAlberta eServices?

    A digital download is an electronic version of your official document issued by the Government of Alberta. Once purchased, your file(s) will be available through your account with MyAlberta eServices.

  • Do I need a MyAlberta Digital ID to download documents?

    Yes, you need a MyAlberta Digital ID to access your digital downloads on MyAlberta eServices.

    Select “Sign in” at the top of this page to create a MyAlberta Digital ID account.

  • How do I access my digital downloads?

    To access your digital downloads, sign in to MyAlberta eServices and go to your Account Dashboard. You’ll arrive at the My Account page where you can select My Digital Downloads to view a listing of your orders and download your files.

    To download a file, select “Download” next to the document you want to access.

  • I tried to download a file but it’s not available yet. What can I do?

    Most digital downloads you purchase will be available soon after purchase. In some instances, it may take longer than expected for your download to become available to you. In these cases you’ll see a “Pending” status next to the item.

    If you see “Pending” next to your download, check back later.

  • Are my digital downloads safe and secure?

    Yes. Your digital downloads are only available within a secure and authenticated area of the site, and can only be accessed by signing in to MyAlberta eServices.

  • How long are my digital downloads available to access?

    Download restrictions, such as expiry date and download limit, vary by document based on the relevant laws and rules that govern the use of the digital download you have purchased. These details are listed in the relevant product page and on the My Digital Downloads section of your Account Dashboard.

  • What if I need a physical copy of my digital download?

    Our services are available both online and in-person at your preferred Alberta registry office. You can purchase these documents at any Alberta registry office.


  • How does MyAlberta eServices ensure my information security?

    MyAlberta eServices uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your information is protected using both server authentication and data encryption.  In addition, MyAlberta eServices is hosted in Government of Alberta secure data centres that use firewalls and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

  • What happens to my personal information when I make a purchase online?

    If you sign in as a Guest, only purchase details will be retained for 36 months.  If you sign in using your MyAlberta Digital ID or MyAlberta Digital ID for Business, all purchase details, including your personal information, will be retained for 36 months. The GoA does not store, process or transmit credit or debit card information.  Credit card information is processed by our credit card payments acquirer, TD Merchant Services.

  • Is it safe for me to make a credit card payment online?

    Yes. The Government of Alberta has met the rigorous requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. PCI Compliance certification ensures that the end-to-end process relating to credit card payments is completed in a highly secure manner. In addition, rather than processing credit card payments internally, MyAlberta eServices uses a secure third party vendor (TD Merchant Services) to process payment.  For more information concerning credit card payments to the Government of Alberta, please visit:


  • I can’t access MyAlberta eServices. What should I do?

    Please make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled on your browser.  MyAlberta eServices website supports use of current releases of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari.

    If cookies and JavaScript are enabled and you are still having difficulty accessing MyAlberta eServices, the website may be experiencing technical difficulties. Try to access the website again in 15 minutes. If you still can't access the site, please call the Contact Centre at 1-844-643-2788 (Toll-free anywhere in North America).

  • Can I access the MyAlberta eServices Portal on my mobile device?


MyAlberta Digital ID and MyAlberta Digital ID for Business

  • Do I need an account for MyAlberta Digital ID or MyAlberta Digital ID for Business to make a purchase?

    For some products and services, you can proceed as a guest or sign in using MyAlberta Digital ID or MyAlberta Digital ID for business. Other products and services may require that you have a verified MyAlberta Digital ID account, or a MyAlberta Digital ID for Business account.

  • What do I do if I'm having trouble signing in to MyAlberta Digital ID or MyAlberta Digital ID for Business?

    You need to enable cookies and JavaScript in your web browser to use these websites. To make sure you have the best experience possible, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of the following browsers:

    on desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer

    on mobile: Safari for iOS or iPadOS devices and Chrome for Android devices.

Vehicle Registration and Renewal Reminder

  • How do I know when my registration and licence expires?

    A driver's licence is valid for one to five years, dependinlg on the class, and expires on your birthday. Registrations expires on an assigned month, based on your surname. has an expiry date chart where you can look up your month. Or check your licence plate stickers or registration certificate.

  • Why do I have to choose an agent of record?

    Albertans can currently choose to obtain registry services through any registry agent or the AMA.  With the modernization of services moving online to MyAlberta eServices, we want to ensure Albertans still have a choice of registry agent. Choosing a registry agent of record ensures the service charge goes to the registry agent of your choice.