Canmore Nordic Centre Biathlon Range Pass Waiver

Agreement to comply with these range rules, guidelines, and insurance requirements set forth, and to be bound by these indemnity and waiver requirements when using the biathlon ranges at Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park and the Ruedi Setz Memorial Range.


 1)     The Biathlon Range at the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park and the Ruedi Setz Memorial Range (Mt. Shark, Kananaskis Country) are operated pursuant to the Canadian Firearms Act. Both are certified gun ranges under the Canadian Firearms Act.

2)     The Biathlon Range at the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park and the Ruedi Setz Memorial Range (Mt. Shark, Kananaskis Country) are within Provincial Park boundaries and, as such, are governed by rules and regulations in the Provincial Parks Act and the Kananaskis Country Management Plans. Both Ranges are owned and maintained by the Province of Alberta as represented by the Alberta Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (the “Minister”). Unless stated otherwise, these Range Rules and Guidelines apply to both ranges.



 3)     These Range Rules and Guidelines shall be enforced by the approved Range Safety Officers, Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park (CNCPP) staff, Alberta Parks Conservation Officers and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


 Permitted Range Users

 4)     All range users must:

  1. Have a valid biathlon range pass;
  2. Be shooting in pre-assigned lanes at pre-booked practice times;
  3. Have signed this Biathlon Range Agreement to be bound by the Biathlon Range Rules, Guidelines and Insurance, Indemnity and Waiver Requirements;
  4. Be under the supervision of an approved Range Safety Officer, and;
  5. Abide by any posted signage and written Rules & Guidelines

 5)     Any range user under the age of 18 years must be supervised by an adult. The approved Range Safety Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the range user adheres to all Range Rules and Guidelines.

 6)     Any introductory group must be booked in advance and have an approved Range Safety Officer onsite who is not involved with the coaching or instruction of the range users.

 7)     Although not required, it is recommended that all clubs using the Biathlon Range at the CNCPP or the Ruedi Setz Memorial Range (Mt. Shark, Kananaskis Country) register as Gun Clubs under the Canadian Firearms Act.


 Range Safety Officer

 8)     Only persons over 18 years of age who have participated in the CNCPP orientation session and have their Range Safety Officer certification will be permitted to act as Range Safety Officers.

 9)      The Range Safety Officer is responsible for:

  1. Opening and closing the range
  2. Enforcing all rules and guidelines
  3. Being present at all times that the range is in operation

 10)  During biathlon competitions, the Chief of Range, or his/her designate, is the Range Safety Officer.


 Range Scheduling

 11)   All range use must be booked in advance with the CNCPP by a CNCPP Range Safety Officer.

  1. Regular weekly training times, special events, and training camps requiring 5 or more lanes must be booked 7 days in advance.

 12)   All Range Safety Officers will be notified, in advance, of any range closures. Absolutely no range use will be permitted during these times.

 13)   All special events, time trials, or non-regular practice sessions must be applied for and, if approved, will be permitted as special events at the CNCPP. Special conditions and restrictions may apply.


Range Operation

 14) The Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park Biathlon Range is open from 0830 to 2100, daily. The Ruedi Setz Memorial Range (Mt. Shark) is open from dawn to dusk, daily.

 15) Red and green safety flags, under the control of the Range Safety Officer, must be used when the range is being operated. The red flag indicates that the range is open for shooting. The green flag indicates that the range is closed to shooting. The green flag must be prominently displayed when it is necessary to step in front of the firing line. All range users must remain behind the firing line when the red flags are up and the range is in use. Regardless of the flag in place, it is imperative that all users of the range be safety conscious. The last person on the range, or Range Safety Officer, must stow both flags in their storage areas.

 16) When the range is closed, all firearms must be unloaded and removed from the firing line. When the range is closed during training, range users must unload their firearms and step well away from any firearms on the firing line.

 17) Target papering, painting, or any other travel down range is only permitted at times designated on the monthly range schedule.

 18) The only targets, firearms and ammunition permitted on the range are as follows:

  1. International Standard .22 in. (5.6 mm) Long Rifle (LR) rim fire ammunition. The bullets must be made of a uniform substance, lead or a similar soft material such as a lead alloy. The muzzle velocity must not exceed 380 m/s, measured 1 m after leaving the muzzle.
  2. The only approved targets are the metal (electronic) targets provided and proper paper zeroing targets are to be used (absolutely no other objects to be used).
  3. No other part of target is to be fired at, for example paddles to cover target spot or orange paddle below target springs and ropes, lane numbers and wood framing, etc.
  4. Air rifles and air rifle targets will also be permitted on the range. Air rifle targets must be provided by the club and must be visually similar to the biathlon targets provided (metal target device and paper zeroing targets).

 19) Any ejected live rounds and or miss-fired shells must be immediately reported to the supervising Range Safety Officer and properly disposed of when it is safe to do so, or immediately following the completion of practice.

 20) Each individual range user is responsible for the safe handling of his/her firearm, in accordance with the rules and guidelines outlined by the International Biathlon Union (Section 8.5 in the IBU Event and Competition Rules).

 21) Pursuant to the Canadian Firearms Act, all range users must be lawfully entitled to possess the firearm in use. The use of a firearm by any other person must be under the direct and immediate supervision of the person lawfully entitled to possess the firearm. This is particularly important for range users new to the sport and younger athletes. During a competition, the Chief of Range (or any other Biathlon Official) is not responsible for said supervision.

 22) Firearms and live ammunition must not be left unsupervised at any time. When not in use, unloaded firearms must be placed in a firearm rack with the bolt open. Unsupervised firearms and ammunition will be seized.

 23) When transporting a firearm in any Provincial Park, the firearm must be in a case (hard or soft), unless on the range or competition trail.

 24) Any unsafe handling of a firearm will not be tolerated. In such a case, the approved Range Safety Officer has the power to immediately suspend range use privileges of the offender. Any suspension must be reported as soon as possible to the CNCPP Administration Office by the approved Range Safety Officer for further action, which may include provincial or federal charges.

 25) When assigned a shooting lane and target, it is the range user’s responsibility to leave both the firing lane and target area clean and free of all garbage, including paper targets. If an assigned lane or target area is found to be dirty, report the condition immediately to the Administration Office at the CNCPP Day Lodge. The club or group previously using that lane will be liable for damages or clean-up.

26) Painting of targets as well as setting and removal of paper must be done for each practice (daily). Painting of targets and resetting of paper must only be done at the designated times set out in the range schedule.

27) All garbage must be removed and deposited in the animal proof containers provided. Mats, ropes, shovels, racks, flags and other equipment shall be stored in their appropriate places.

28) Any damage or problems with the biathlon range or range equipment must be reported immediately to the CNCPP Administration Office.

29) Smoking on the firing ramp is not allowed. Persons under the influence of, or in possession of, alcohol or drugs are not permitted in the range area. No foul language or arguing in range area is permitted. Cooperation among user groups is expected.

30) Dogs are not permitted in the range area at any time.



31) Range use in violation of the Biathlon Range Agreement may result in the loss of privileges and possible charges under federal and provincial legislation.

32) Approved Range Safety Officers who are found to be in violation of the Biathlon Range Agreement will be reprimanded and may lose range safety officer or range use privileges.



33) As a range user I hereby agree to, at my own expense or the expense of my organization or association and without limiting my liabilities herein, maintain Liability Insurance, in accordance with the Alberta Insurance Act, in an amount not less than $2,000,000 inclusive per occurrence, insuring against bodily injury, personal injury and property damage including loss of use thereof. Such insurance may be obtained by virtue of membership to the appropriate organization or association.

34) As a biathlon range user, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Minister from any and all third party claims, demands, actions or costs (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis) for which I am legally responsible, including those arising out of negligence or willful acts by me. This hold harmless provision shall survive this Agreement.

35) As a biathlon range user I hereby waive my right of recourse against the Minister with regard to damage to my property.



I hereby agree to carry out my activities in accordance with the Biathlon Range Agreement outlined above and those rules and guidelines contained in the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park Facilities Guide. I further agree to comply with all applicable federal and provincial statutes and regulations and to comply with lawful instructions given by Alberta Parks staff. I hereby agree to comply with the insurance requirements and to be bound by the indemnity and waiver requirements set out above.


I acknowledge that failure to comply with the any of the above-noted rules, guidelines, laws or instructions may result in cancellation of my Biathlon Range Pass and immediate suspension of all activity.


I agree to repair, replace or reclaim, to the satisfaction of CNCPP staff, any and all damages that result from my activities.


I agree to maintain a valid day, month or annual range pass as required for use of the biathlon range.